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About Us

BROCKMAN'S BREW coffee roastery is based in Oceanside California. We are dedicated to roasting coffee by order so that it is the freshest coffee you can buy.  Each coffee drinker has to discover his or hers own type of flavor that is right for them.  Coffee lovers may like a variety of different flavors, and they may choose to have those diverse flavors at specific times.  Whether it's a go-to daily drink, an occasional delight, or a night-time decaf, we want to provide you with different choices of coffee flavors.


We roast all of our coffee with an air roaster. We use a small size roaster, ( 1 to 10 lbs at a time, up to 40 lbs per hour).   We believe that the best results are with small batches of beans so we can hand craft each roast.  We are dedicated to perfectly roasting  our coffee beans to fit your taste buds. If you say its to light or to dark, we will adjust the roast cycle specifically for your order.  There are no added chemicals or gas used in our roast process.

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