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Price Varies With Size Of Bag

Brazil is the world's largest coffee producing country.  It produces one third of the global coffee.  Brazil produces both arabica and robusta coffee beans.  Coffee from Brazil tends to be low in acidity and smooth in body with sweet flavors.  These flavors are primarily chocolatey and nutty which can range from milk chcolate to bitter cocoa and toasted almond.  Some higher quality, specialty grade coffees that grow in higher elevations can contain subtle citrus notes and other brighter fruit characteristics.  Brazilian coffees are used by large roasters for blends of different beans to achieve a balanced cup or the perfect espresso.  

       Best roast types for Brazilian coffees:

             Light roast -      highlights natural flavours

             Medium roast - is the best roast for body and flavour

             Dark roast -      tends to be flat with ashy undertones but does                              highlight full body and toasted nut character


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