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Price Varies With Size Of Bag

Colombia is currently the #3 top exporter of coffee in the world.  Colombia is one of the U.S. most widely sold coffees.  Colombian coffee (which is never known as Columbian coffee) is known for its rich mild flavor because of the perfect climate and beans that are grown.  Colombia is one of the few countries that only grow Arabica beans, which besides climate and elevation, is why Colombian coffee is considered higher quality.  Tasters regularly describe Colombia coffee as mild and well-balanced with medium, silky body and a clean-ness in the cup.  Acidity levels are medium to high, yielding a bright and lively brew.  The most common flavors are floral hints with traces of tropical fruits.

         Best roast types for Colombian coffees:

                 Light roast - for a bright acidic and citrus fruit undertones, as                                            well as cocoa and caramel flavors

                 Medium to Dark roast - brings out a more intense flavor and                                             rich aroma


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