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Price Varies With Size Of Bag

Guatemala coffee is our favorite here at BROCKMAN'S BREW.  That being said it is a favorite among many coffee enthusiast.  This is because Guatemala coffee may be the perfect balance of full bodied, strong and sweet with light acidity and complex flavors.  The growing regions include: the Fraijanes Plateau, Antigua, Highland Huehuetenango, Rainforest Coban, Volcan San Marcos, Nuevo Oriente, and Atitlan.  It is also a very popular bean for blends because of its aroma of ctrus, fruits and spices.  

Flavor characteristics - known for its sweet with a medium to full body and chocolate flavor notes. Many will have a bittersweet cocoa or a milk chocolate taste.  Some tasters say these beans have a nutty and toffee flavor.

           Best roast type: 

                  Light to medium results in a full-bodied coffee with bright                             flavor

                  Medium to darker gives more of a bittersweet toasted nutty                            flavor sometimes with a spicy note

Guatemala Huehuetenango

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